Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I love most about Johannesburg

One of the reasons why I love Johannesburg is that I love the sight of focused shinny black men in their suits. If you will look beyond their careful good looks and hand picked designer suits you will understand that you are looking at a dream. The confident business energy you whiff as they zoom past you was not always possible. These young men are much more than what their great grandparents ever dreamt possible. They went to that same city digging gold that would never be theirs. Perhaps as they dug they prayed and now the city of gold is theirs through their descendants.

What I love most about the people of Johannesburg is that they come from anywhere. They are people with big dreams who are still looking for gold. People notice you when you are in Johannesburg. They seem to see you because you could be the gold. What could be more powerful than human currency? This is what I love about Johannesburg. I love these sons because when I see them, I see dreams that have come true. I see dreams many have feared to dream that have been realised. I see an invitation to be the next gold mine and to make people want to come and mine it.

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